Speakingto inspire action


About myspeaking.

Since my punk band – singer/songwriter days and playing Romeo in my high school’s senior play, I’ve always had this strong drive to captivate audiences from the stage. These days, it happens in the form of sharing my stories of adventure and activism to ignite audiences and inspire action.

I’ve been fortunate to share my message with many high schools and colleges, at corporate events and company meetings, and have delivered keynote addresses to thousands of attendees at association events, conferences, and trade shows.

My goal is to translate my wildest experiences with people, places, climbs, cultures, and causes, into learning opportunities with actionable insights and takeaways applicable to each specific audience.

I blend my background in entrepreneurship and expertise in marketing and production with the flair of my adventure antics and vagabond volunteering expeditions to connect motivational messages on a unique level.

Common speaking topics & workshops:
  • Learning to Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable
  • From 0 to 14,000: Taking Business Leaders To New Heights
  • How to Create Accountability & Stop Anticipating Negative Outcomes
  • Adventure Philanthropy & Why We All Want To Be Indiana Jones
  • How Adventures Inspire Creativity & Your Roadmap To Channel It
  • 4 Steps To Turn Crazy Ideas Into Inspiring Realities
  • Balancing Work, Life, & Adventure While Having Fun & Making A Difference